Saturday, January 9, 2010

DJ Earworm - Blame it on the Pop

Every year, DJ Earworm makes a mashup of Billboard's top 25 songs of the year. This is for 2009, and honestly, there may be no better mashup ever.
Really good mashups work as songs on their own, and also remind you positively of the songs they're mashing up. But an excellent mashup, like this one (available to download from DJ Earworm's site), also comment on the music they're using. And this is not just a great mashup; it is a song about 2009, an overall pretty shitty year in America, marked by the optimism we felt going into it and the constant way we continued getting our hopes crushed. In spite of all this, pop music has the ability to inspire us, and remind us that we can get through the challenges of the present, and there will still be pop music on the other side. I'm interested to know what your opinions on this. I have played this song nearly ten times a day since I downloaded it.


Werdna said...

If this was a facebook link I would "like" it!

Sammy said...

I gotta admit, I kinda love this mashup. I heard it on Z100 the other day, and something about hearing it on the radio was unsettling, but then I remembered how great it was an enjoyed it nonetheless.