Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Cat Stevens - Tuesday's Dead

This is more or less a joke, but I have a copy of Teaser and the Firecat.

... A title which, for me, has become all but the best way I have figured to describe this long-term tryst.

And since everyone's been in the spirit of bonus videos (not really!) I'll post one. Don't wince too much.


Oh God... It's Lou. said...

Because I'm too lazy to edit, y'all remember when you tole me to "Go to the light" when I first said I'd found an affinity for the Cat Stevens tunes?

Yeah, I don't either, really, but I'm not feeling like digging up the thread.

Craig said...

The few, the proud.

Oh God... It's Lou. said...

For the record, I wasn't REALLY entertaining the idea of curb-stomping that bird.