Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Cake - I Bombed Korea

Well, I'll already be out in the field for an exercise by the time you're reading this, so it's only fitting I schedule it ahead of time lest I miss my chance to shine, even if I fall flat on my face.

Consider it another glimpse into my own personal conflict of interest. It's pretty close to home what with talk of being at a bar and all.


Craig said...

Of all the thoroughly mediocre mid-90's alt-rock bands, Cake seems to be the one I have the hardest time avoiding. In bars, at parties, on friends' iPods, they retain a completely mystifying hold on the public consciousness. If it's an irritating-off between Sublime and Cake I'm choosing Cake, because I can more or less completely manage to avoid Sublime but Cake will just never leave me alone with their obnoxious, fratty, sarcastic boogie rock (and yes, I owned that album with "The Distance" and even saw them open for an even more irritating band that has since completely dropped off the radar).

Whisk E. Bear said...

I saw Cake at Bumbershoot, with G. Love and the Special Sauce as the opener. Shudder.

I see them as a fun band from my youth, something I enjoyed for a time and then put away, forever, like all that obnoxious swing music I listened to in high school. They're still palatable, but I am never in my life going to put one of their albums on. Sublime on the other hand makes me ill.

Oh God... It's Lou. said...

I'm going to take a picture of my visor, where I put the labels from as many of the cds that I buy as will fit on there. It'll likely be on next week's post.

Some may surprise you, some may not. I'm guessing the presence of the re-issue of "Motorcade of Generosity" won't.