Saturday, August 22, 2009

M.I.A. - Paper Planes

This one might kind of be a cheat. I am not posting very much about the song in particular, which can be heard in its excellent fullness here. I have been thinking about this specific use of the song a lot lately, and I think it has been used for evil under the following circumstances. Usually, a trailer is much, much worse than a movie. Here I am thinking of the idiotic trailer to the otherwise fantastic Children of Men.
The following movie trailer contains what is in my opinion one of the best uses of a song I've seen in recent movie trailers (I see them a lot, and also this isn't THAT recent). I went to see the movie, and hoped against hope that it would be as good as the trailer, and I was sorely disappointed.
But you cannot beat this trailer, I really believe this.


Craig said...

I realize that the history of popular music is one of co-option but still, some English bitch taking on the trappings of American inner city gangsters is a bit much, even by those standards. I can understand why this song was a big hit but it just comes across as deeply inauthentic in every possible way.

Oh God... It's Lou. said...

I'd still hit that. No, not Seth Rogen. MIA, damn it.


Craig said...

James Franco. Yeah, me too.

Benjy Stone said...

I'm surprised by your branding of M.I.A. as an "English bitch." She spent most of her life in Sri Lanka (of Sri Lankan parents), and had her life pretty severely fucked up by more than a couple of unpleasant regimes. What is it exactly that would give her music authenticity?

Also, James Franco, in a heartbeat.

Whisk E. Bear said...

Her daddy's a terrorist.

Nicole said...