Saturday, August 1, 2009

Felt - Breaker Down Like a Shotgun

I didn't plan on posting pretty dirty rap songs two weeks in a row, but sometimes you can't anticipate what will happen, you know? Anyway, like seven years ago this dude I used to know sent me a comic book by Jim Mahfood, who I got pretty into. I found a comic book he'd written illustrating various songs by a rap duo Felt, of whom I hadn't heard. I read the comic book and bought the duo's two albums, which are basically really worth listening to. Here's my favorite song from their second album, Felt: A Tribute to Lisa Bonet (the premise of the albums is they are meant to be mini-rap-battles to attract celebrities' attention -- the first one is to try to attract Christina Ricci). Anyway, enjoy:


Eric said...

Ha, Felt. Christ.

Probably one of the first real undergroundish things I got into.

Eric said...

Nobody's going to read this, but they're coming out with a third Felt album.

Benjy Stone said...

oh shit! i've been waiting forever!