Tuesday, March 16, 2010

An Eclectic Four-Day Farewell.

Something a little different... I'm getting on ship today, again. So can I trust you, Aaron, to take Tuesday's helm? Allow me this slight farewell, since I'm closing in on no time at all to prepare these.

Day 1:

My dad taught geometry. He wasn't going to let me forget.

Day 2:

Well, if it isn't the Forrest Gump of Caesar stories! This scene made me cry, even though it didn't have anything directly to do with Caesar until later in the series.

Nonetheless, this song, while completely unrelated, was covered in a comment I'm sure almost nobody read.

Day 3:

Moving on...

Day 4:

I'm not Irish, but I figured I'd share anyway, since I was only a day off. The following is the one video I had actually planned on posting this time, but a few links got lost along the way, and I'd just as soon go ahead and dedicate another one to my fine fiancee. Who is, in fact, of Irish descent.


Benjy Stone said...



Happy Trails, Pardner

Whisk E. Bear said...

Godspeed, Mr. Beesley. We'll put a candle in the window.

Sycophantman said...

Yeah, I'll hold things down for you, Lou. Godspeed, you dusky gentleman.