Saturday, September 5, 2009

William Shatner - Common People

I need to stress that this is not a joke. Shatner's first album, The Transformed Man, released in like the 60's or something, was absolutely terrible, and is featured on a few "celebrities are terrible singers!" compilation albums. On it, he spoke-sang "Rocket Man;" Family Guy "parodied" this with Stewie.
His second album, released 35-40 years later (I don't have great internet capabilities where I am, so I am not looking up specific information, sorry), "Has Been" is absolutely a revelation, especially as compared to his first. It is produced by Ben Folds (I know, right?) and it feels like Folds came along at exactly the right time. Shatner could actually put together a good album, he just needed someone who knew how to accommodate his specific skill set.
The first track on the album is the cover "Common People," and I have to say I listen to it maybe multiple times a week. It's much faster-paced than anything else on the album, but introduces you to what Shatner and Folds are trying to do. Enjoy.


(Dan) said...

and the Harry's Car Jukebox Tour rolls on !

(sorry Craigles, I like it more than the detached original)

Werdna said...

Haha, I like this.

Craig said...

Come on Dan, that's crazy talk. Just for that, I'm going to post some Pulp next week. Shit on Britpop all you want, Pulp is good, because Pulp is sex.