Saturday, September 12, 2009

Neko Case - This Tornado Loves You

Neko Case is probably best as using her voice to create an almost Brian Eno-like soundscape, equal parts terrifyingly stark and beautiful. It echoes the American Southwest in a lot of ways, actually, or anywhere it's almost too flat to drive at night. In this song, her vocals are paired with a perfect guitar, operating to set the rhythm of a tornado, slowly and hazardously gaining power.
Someone important to me insists that there is a metaphor in this song, but I'd really prefer to think that there isn't, that it is exclusively about a tornado who falls in love, and wants to show her affection by chasing down the object of her affection, and demonstrating her power ("your rails have always outrun mine...") as a promise of protection. This tornado is a bit like the clouds that rain down on Rob McKenna; she has no idea how much damage her love does.
Anyway, this is a pretty decent live performance of a terrific song.

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