Thursday, September 3, 2009

Reverend Gary Davis - Give Me A Heart To Love & I Am the Light of this World

One particularly unhappy night in New Paltz in the winter I took a walk with my ipod and shuffle served up "Give Me a Heart to Love You" by the Reverend Gary Davis. I lay on a bench for a long time and listened to that one again and again. You can hear it here - I don't want to put it on youtube acus Smithsonian records has their own channel (there's a nice resource).

Anyway Malachi mentioned "Samson and Delilah" the other night over some Evan Williams and I've been listening to these old records this week. This one I do have for you today is the blog's second song covered by Jorma Kaukonen on Quah, after "Blue Prelude".

Although I have no personal faith, I can still have spiritual experiences from vocal performances like these. Thank you, Reverend.


Whisk E. Bear said...

We're going to run out of songs covered on Quah, you know.

(And hugs to Gary Davis, natch. I'm a big fan of "Say No to the Devil," myself.)

asleep said...

Hello there.
The dancing girl in that photograph is supposed to be little Megan Ochs, daughter of Phil Ochs.