Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Avett Brothers - I & Love & You

So, like I said, I went and saw The Avett Brothers here in Seattle last weekend, touring in advance of the release of their upcoming full-length. And they've been picked up by Sony, so ... enjoy these last few weeks before you can find their albums at Target.

The single from the new album is the ignominiously titled "I & Love & You"; I really think it stands up as one of their finest ballads ... even if the "Brooklyn, Brooklyn" line is just naked pandering to the New York crowd. You'll have to settle for one of those shaky, live-in-concert recordings; the quality on this one is actually pretty good.

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Sycophantman said...

I love me some Avetts, and I can't wait for the concert. This song gets me pretty hyped for the album, less than a month away!