Saturday, June 6, 2009

Toofer Saturdays

Sorry everyone, maybe this isn't cool, but I've got two songs for you today, both by women from the 70's or whatever. Here's the thing about these two songs:
  1. They're both good songs
  2. The first song describes the state I am in the process of moving too, and the second song describes the specific place I am moving too.
It's a tough week, moving, especially if it is literally across the country away from every person you've ever cared about. So I'm letting myself have two, describing my excitement and trepidation. Apparently California is a really nice place, but Redondo Beach is where lesbians go to commit suicide. Things to look forward to.

1 comment:

Werdna said...

Haha, Redondo.

Let me know if you need any pointers on the area.

(I spend most of my time in Torrance.)