Saturday, June 20, 2009

Sammy Davis, Jr. - One For My Baby (And One More For The Road)

I've been on a pretty big Sammy Davis, Jr. kick lately, you guys. Not only is he a very talented singer, but he's sort of a consummate entertainer in a way that Frank never was (Dean came close). He came up a hoofer, and his performances tended to blend song, dance, and comedy. He really should have starred in a sitcom, or something -- his film roles really underused his talents (for example, see Ocean's 11 -- no, don't). Anyway, here's him singing "One for My Baby...," a standard, and by his account, to be sung by someone performing after him in the same show (Dean, I think EDIT: Whisk E. Bear reminds me that it was almost definitely Frank coming on; he's almost definitely right). The idea of just singing the song straight must not have appealed to him, so he does impressions of different celebrities singing various verses. It's a hoot, it really is.


Whisk E. Bear said...

It's got to be Sinatra coming on after Sammy, he sang the hell out of that song (and Sammy mentions that Dean was on earlier).

The stuff about Dean's drinking is classic. There's a good bit about it in one of the monologues on Sinatra at the Sands, too. Those guys gave each other hell. But I think you're giving Frank short shrift as an entertainer.

But this was great. I love Sammy.

Craig said...

This is a pretty interesting write-up about his semi-infamous autobiography. Sammy was a complicated dude.

Werdna said...

That was awesome.