Thursday, June 11, 2009

Carole King - He's a Bad Boy; Neil Young - Pocahontas

I like connections; I like to be able to listen to Maggie's Farm or Hard Times in New York Town and know they're adapted from old songs on the Anthology of American Folk Music. Shared melodies and lyrical evolutions are one of our foundations. I found one the other day, while I was listening to One Kiss Can Lead to Another: Girl Groups Lost and Found, a box set I borrowed once that comes in the form of a hatbox.

I recognized a melody I'd heard before in Carole King's He's a Bad Boy, a quiet musing song in its own right and form.

It seems that Neil Young reworked it for his Pocahontas, a song that's always fascinated me...

...ever since I heard it first on the late career Johnny Cash box set.

And I posted these because I went and saw Terrence Malick's The New World today.

It was quiet, and very, very beautiful, and somewhat in the winsome spirit of the song. That's what I have for today; I hope the links all work.

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