Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Mountain Goats - Woke Up New

This is a song I played incessantly the last time I was as lonely as I am now, so I find myself returning to it as I face the prospect of an entire summer like this. So I'd like to make a request:
Watch this video twice. The first time, go ahead and be mildly impressed by the camera tricks, for which music video is really the only medium to allow exploration. It was directed by Rian Johnson, who directed the incredibly awesome Brick, and the recently-released and in MY OPINION similarly awesome (it bears repeat viewing, like this video -- I'll get to that in a second) The Brothers Bloom. And even though (Dan) c. 2007 or so was unimpressed by it, I think it's cool.

For the second viewing, pay more attention to the lyrics. It expresses really well the way, after a breakup, you keep accidentally letting yourself fall into your same relationship habits, and how you sometimes need to develop a new routine, even if it doesn't make a practical difference in your life, just to establish that you have a new life going on. Anyway. Onwards and upwards.

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(Dan) said...

I do like the song though.

(I think maybe you and Drew should be friends.)