Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Tallest Man On Earth - Like The Wheel


I finally glimpsed The Tallest Man On Earth.


It was wonderful.


The show was a pretty even mix of Shallow Graves and The Wild Hunt. And he threw in a few covers, all of which were pretty fun, in their own ways. This one, because the show was in the same room they shot that video. This one, because he claims he stole from it in writing "You're Going Back." And this one because it was just wonderful (there is actually a studio version of him doing this song, but frankly it was 1000 times better live).

And then he closed his encore with this:

...a bonus track off The Wild Hunt which I was not aware of until today. He played it on the guitar of course -- it was incredible. I am a little curious why it didn't make the cut on the album. I mean, not that I would cut any of the songs he did pick, and I think he likes to keep it at 10-songs-per-release, but man, this is a really great song.


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Whisk E. Bear said...

You know, somewhere I just read a comparison between the music of Matsson and of Jeff Mangum, and it really made me wish I'd thought of it sooner. And Tom Waits? I am tumescent.

Hugs! for getting to see him live. He's giving Seattle a miss and instead playing Sasquatch this Memorial Day Weekend, which is when I get back from Norway. So I'll have to wait until his next trip through.

Thoughts on why Like the Wheel didn't make the cut: I guess he wanted to keep it to just one piano ballad, and Kids on the Run won out. Which is too bad -- I like Kids on the Run, but this one is quite a bit better.

Werdna said...

Yeah, you are probably right. One piano song on that album is just right. And I also agree that this one is better than "Kids".

I am going to tell myself he left this off the album as a treat to concert go-ers. After all, he saved it for last (and has closed with it before, judging by videos up on youtube) and did not play Kids whatsoever. So that will be my theory!

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