Monday, May 10, 2010

Common- Book of Life

Alright, yea, sorry for making this the second Common track in the past few days. But, whatever. I listened to every Roy Ayers album I have (which is way too many. I don't know how this happened) over the weekend, for no particular reason...and, honestly, I can't even bring myself post a Roy Ayers track. I mean, shit, I don't even really dig on a lot of Roy Ayers stuff. Anyway. So, I am going to post this, with the sample from "Everybody Loves the Sunshine". Acus stuff.

Resurrection is sort of Common's Illmatic, in that he's put out some pretty nice stuff since then (and also some stuff that's sort of dogshit), but none of it's really quite as awesome as that album. Actually, Common's career is like some weird cross between Nas, Mos Def, and Ice Cube. Not going to try to explain that, although I think it does sort of make sense, but in a quasi-inexplicable way. I should not write these things on no sleep. Goddamn.



Whisk E. Bear said...

This is the only Roy Ayers album I own:


Whisk E. Bear said...

(It's pretty terrible.)

Eric said...

Wow, into the mid eighties shit? I don't go that far. I think the latest one I have is the album with Fela. Maybe there's one later, I don't know, but I definitely don't go beyond the early eighties stuff.

Whisk E. Bear said...

My jazz collection is pretty small -- I've got some Miles and some Coltrane (that belonged to Downtown Freddie Brown hell yes!), and some Herbie Hancock and assorted pieces, like Mingus Ah Um and etc. So it's not terribly surprising I wouldn't have any of the GOOD Roy Ayers. This one I came across in a stack of bulk records that a store was just giving away to clean out inventory, and I thought "Hmm Roy Ayers I know that name. And say, I might be surprised, it says so right here," and I took it home and I listened to it and I was not surprised, and basically Roy Ayers is a dirty liar.