Saturday, July 4, 2009

Johnny Cash & Bob Dylan - You Are My Sunshine

So, happy fourth of July, everyone. Here's a goofy little pick. I'm posting it because of the date. Former President of America Jack Stanton used to say that this was "the most American song I know." I don't know that I disagree, but he was the president, you guys. I got the version sung by two men whose careers could never have been possible outside of this country, but were also often its most vocal critics. AND THAT'S WHAT AMERICA'S ALL ABOUT YOU GUYS. FAKE PRESIDENTS, MUSICAL APPROPRIATION, AND PRISON CONCERTS.


(Dan) said...

I celebrated by watching Independence Day, whose President Whitmore is probably our least believable fictional president.

Benjy Stone said...

At least, knowing that John McCain, definitely the most Whitmoresque candidate, did not win the office.