Saturday, July 11, 2009

Girl Talk - Smash Your Head

This is a tough song to post. Lately I have been listening to a TON of Girl Talk, and I find his stuff works best as complete albums. Even though it's schizophrenic mashups in a way that sounds more like a bad parody of mashup music, his stuff completely works and his albums have thematic and musical arcs over the course of albums that make them deeply satisfying to listen to. I've been trying to figure out a way to recommend his stuff here, and I picked a track that I think may help convince any non-believers. While I think the whole song works well, I actually really love it starting at about 1:30, when it's actually acting as a fairly simple and straighforward mashup between two really good songs, but shows why Girl Talk is as big a deal as he is. By the end of the song you feel like you've always known the way these tunes relate, and it's difficult to separate them in your mind.
Incidentally, one of my favorite thing about Girl Talk is he gives you just enough of each song he uses to make you feel like you've just listened to all your favorite songs, but somehow it didn't take as long as it should. Anyway, comment away. I think he's great.
Oh, and incidentally, I'm pretty impressed by the person who puts these videos together. I think they do a pretty decent job, considering the challenge.


(Dan) said...

The "1 2 3 4" count is from "Oh Bondage, Up Yours" by the magnificent X-Ray Specs (1977).

Alex said...

Wow, I love Girl Talk and love this song, but had never seen any of these mashup videos. It is indeed quite impressive! Mad dedication.