Thursday, May 28, 2009

Bill Haley - Thirteen Women

"Bill Haley was the first white man to invent rock 'n' roll, unfortunately he was a small, chubby man who wasn't very good at it. Bill became the only rock singer to die of old age........."
Great Pop Things, Colin B. Morton & Chuck Death*

The strip (which I cannot find an image of) goes on in the next panel to christen Elvis Presley the "second white man to invent rock 'n' roll" ("'I'm sorry Elvis but I forgot to iron your karate suit..'/ "'oh that's alright mama'") along with the caption "pure sex".

Bill Haley's usually a punchline, but he did have one B side that can be described as


*N.B. Actually pseudonym for Mekon Jon Langford

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