Saturday, May 23, 2009

Baby Gramps - Shake 'Em And Break 'Em

Hey gang, time for this again. I got introduced to Baby Gramps through this album, which shouldn't be good but totally and surprisingly is, on which he plays two songs, one of which can be viewed live here. Anyway, I started scouring the internet for his albums, and I've slowly pieced a few of them together, though a lot of it is nebulous, because he, like John Darnielle and Kilgore Trout, released voluminous material in ways that are difficult to keep track of.
In any event, his music is unlike much that I hear, ever, and his public persona rivals Tom Waits' for possible entire lack of veracity and also somewhat legendariness, though he rarely wanders beyond the Pacific Northwest. In any event, this is Shake 'Em and Break 'Em, which is a kind of ragtime-infused combining of different blues songs and some original material, equalling an extremely solid entry into the pantheon of American folk music. Yeah, I said it.

Shake 'Em and Break 'Em


(Dan) said...

See, OGL friends, 'Benjy' is why.

Whisk E. Bear said...

Baby Gramps is a Seattle busker I've seen play on a couple occasions. He's a great performer. I'm going to see him at Folklife on Monday -- maybe I'll take pictures or something and post them to the blog. At any rate, hugs for this.

Werdna said...

Oh yeah, Rogue's Gallery hugs fo' sho'.