Friday, July 2, 2010

Steve Earle and the Dukes - State Trooper

The original is amazing (and a Suicide pastiche, specifically "Frankie Teardrop", as my brother pointed out to me) but I did a Highwaymen cover of a Steve Earle song, so here's Earle covering the Boss (and I'll have to find Springsteen covering someone else eventually so I can keep going.)

This one came up for me because the original closes out "I Dream of Jeannie Cusamano", the last episode of the first season of "The Sopranos". I decided to do a full series rewatch this summer and, while there are still things about the show I don't love, it generally holds up awfully well, and it's interesting to see the show as a whole piece, already knowing where everyone's arc is headed. It's a show that I have some qualms about (unlike other shows we've discussed, like "Breaking Bad" or "The Wire", that I love wholeheartedly) but you know, it really is damn good, and it laid the groundwork for those shows in a pretty straight line from A to B.

(And not to go off on another tangent but this is obviously from "Austin City Limits", another great repository of televised live music.)


Whisk E. Bear said...

Heh, I just saw Steve Earle on Wednesday -- in a crappy family-oriented concert series at the zoo. To Steve's credit, he still brought it.

(Dan) said...

lots of hugs for 'gles.

Steve said...

Bruce covering Suicide's Dream Baby Dream live is on YouTube. He did it during the tour for that last album he did that was like Nebraska. It's not that great. Suicide doing Dream Baby Dream on (I think) The Midnight Special is also on YouTube and it is amazing.

Craig said...

I like "Keep Your Dreams" better. If you look it up on youtube, someone has that same performance of "Dream Baby Dream" mislabeled.