Friday, February 26, 2010

R.E.M. - Radio Song

I could do my last Black History Month post about this berserk clip of the Godfather at the Zaire 74 concert (the Rumble in the Jungle festival.) But that seems cliche. So I'll celebrate with the world's weirdest, most incongruous (and, yes, sucky) rap cameo. I'm perfectly happy being the R.E.M. apologist of the group, and I think that even this song has some salvageable elements but when you put it all Just no.

Radio Song


Eric said...


(I wasn't aware of this. It amused me greatly.)

Craig said...

They deserve credit for going outside of their comfort zone, I guess, but when you're a band that's built its reputation on pretty melodies, jangly guitars and mumbly lyrics, maybe an ostensibly funky collaboration with the world's most hyper-articulate rapper isn't the best way to change things up. Eh, live and learn (or live, and slowly descend into irrelevance.)