Thursday, October 8, 2009

Rex Griffin - The Last Letter

How am I going to get you to listen to a country song from straight-on nineteen and thirty-seven? Well, Rex Griffin does come with the Dylan stamp of approval. Today's song is one of those several scattered songs from our past that Dylan borrows a melody from - see if you can place it.

The song is The Last Letter, and it is clear and sad and quiet. It is a contained calm pocket of despair. Put it on and sit there and let it seep into you.


Oh God... It's Lou. said...

I'm not going to say how relevant this is to what may or may not be going on- but hugs.

(No, I cannot place the melody, because it's too early in the morning, and I am not that educated in the school of Dylan.)

Whisk E. Bear said...

Oh come on, Daniel, spare us the little "straight-on nineteen and thirty-seven" song-and-dance. You're not Moses bringing Rex Griffin down from the mountain.

And it's To Ramona.

Whisk E. Bear said...

(And also hugs.)