Friday, October 9, 2009

John Cale - Fear is a Man's Best Friend

It's kind of a shame that the other people don't get involved here - they all get together for "Ship of Fools," but I don't think that's as interesting of a song. It's also too bad that he tends to play this one without drums, because it's got a kick-ass drum break. But anyway, here's John Cale, with some special friends looking on, playing my favorite John Cale song.


(Dan) said...

They should rename Wales after him I think.

Werdna said...

Remember when I used to say that I prefer the four best solo Velvet records to the four best Velvet records and you guys would all give me shit for it? Well, it is still a thing that I think.

So yeah, hugs for Cale.

Craig said...

Such an asshole