Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Electric Light Orchestra - Evil Woman

So many reasons to go with this one:

1. That vurbil dude is cracking me up.

2. This came on the radio when I was driving to work yesterday, and I knew the song but couldn't place the artist, because fuck if I can keep track of 1970s progressive-rock chart-toppers. When the host came on for an air break and said it was ELO, I kind of sank down in my seat a little.

3. It's the other Wilbury!

4. It's an acronym band that sucks!

5. Lou!

6. Need more prog-rock up in this shit.


Craig said...

You need to put a "Community" tag on this one, Jeff Winger sang it in lieu of debating.

Whisk E. Bear said...

Heh, I saw that on the wiki. The first draft of this post included: "It was used on that one show what Craig watches."

Craig said...

I should totally do a "Community" themed month because it is awesome.