Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Family of the Year

Geez. Hop yourself up on meds, tear out an IV you really don't want but are forced to get injected with because the docs want to "lower your body temperature," and basic flu symptoms almost prevent you from keeping a promise.

That I made to the lovely ladies of the band I feature today.

This was the band that is opening for and touring with Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros on their tour this holiday season, which I am proud to say kicked off in Solana Beach on the 3rd, at the BELLY UP TAVERN, WHERE YOUR GOAT SOAKED IN SOME GOOD LIVE MUSIC TO KICK OFF A LIVE NOVEMBER!

It's good to have attractive young ladies perform as part of your band, and it's even better when the audience can tell you've got cohesion and a bit of musicianship to bring to the table as well. I for one could tell they were having fun on stage and the added bonus of being able to meet and greet, so to speak, with some of them during the Edward Sharpe performance made my night. They set the tone for how the music was to sound and if you ask me, they outperformed The Deadly Syndrome, which actually served as a bit of a lull which saw my friend sneak out to the car and sleep. The bastige.

P.S. -- I really should have asked Christina (the keyboardist) out. (Vanessa is the vocalist.) There's my Goat. moment for the year. (Buuuut she's got all this touring thing going on, and I've got the deployment, and she's probably already dating a rock star etc etc etc.)

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