Monday, March 2, 2009

The Square Roots- Common Dust

So, tonight is the first night with The Roots as Jimmy Fallon's house band which is just...ugh. But here's something from their often overlooked first album, "Organix", when The Roots were still square. Mostly because 90% of their other stuff seems to have embedding disabled. So, fuck you, Universal Music Group.


Craig said...

That seems like a weird fit. I can't think of a single late night house band that has a vocalist, because usually they're there to play into and outro music and laugh at the host's jokes. Do all the guys in the Roots play some sort of instrument? Because it would be fucking bizarre if their guest intro music involved, say, rapping about how Cameron Diaz used to be in movies but now she just shows up at award shows and makes cameos on SNL. But that could also be awesome.

Eric said...

Black Thought doesn't play an instrument, so I have no idea how involved he'll be. He's...there, though, in the little preview things I've seen on okp and such.

Eric said...

Hahaha, he sang. He's better than Kanye, at least

(apparently, this "slow jam" bit was the only funny part)